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Uarone Dog Automatic Hair Removal Comb

Dog Automatic Hair Removal Comb

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Shedding comb helps remove pet hair, make the pet more clean, healthy, and helps to maintain clean bedroom. Is the ideal choice for your dog. Brush for dogs and cats quickly eliminates mats and tangles from your pet's coat and cleans up with the simple push of a button. Its fine wire bristles remove tangles and collect hair before it's shed, keeping loose fur from falling to your floor or furniture. The nonslip, ergonomic handle gives you greater control, ensuring comfort and positive pet interaction. With a few strokes, your pet's coat will feel silky smooth. Best of all, it's so easy to clean. As fur collects on the brush for dogs and cats, you simply push a button to retract the bristles and discard it. You can't find a safer, simpler, and longer-lasting grooming tool for a pet of any size or coat length.