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SPADE Round Bed

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Your pet is sure to have a restful sleep snuggled up in the new and improved Paw Bed.
This bed was designed to help your pet achieve maximum comfort.
With overstuffed fill-in side and back bolsters as well as an extra-plush sleep surface to enjoy, your pet will feel a heightened sense of security and ease.
Meanwhile, the upholstery grade fabric is machine washable so it's both home décor friendly and easy to care for.
SPADE Round Bed Highlights:
Overstuffed fill
Easy, step-in design
Soft, plush sleep surface
Machine washable
Available in 2 Colors: Grey & Black
Dimensions: 70 x 20 cm
Material: Velvet
Cleaning Instructions: Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with a pet-safe detergent.
Do not bleach.
Guaranty 6 months