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Purina CAT CHOW Sterillsed 85g

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Since 1926, Purina experts have increased their knowledge of the natural needs of pets to contribute to their overall well-being and health through complete nutrition.

Purina Cat Chow has been carefully formulated: NO artificial flavors, colors and preservatives added.

Recipes carefully prepared with natural ingredients such as chicken, salmon, beef, lamb, courgettes, green beans and aubergines.

Sterilised: Specially formulated to help counterbalance the impact of hormonal changes associated with neutering or sterilizing your cat. With adequate levels of protein and fat to help maintain strong muscles and a healthy weight.

Protein: Chicken, turkey, salmon, duck and many other sources of protein enrich our recipes to satisfy the natural needs of cats.

Vitamins E&B: Rich in vitamin E and vitamin B, our kibbles support your cat’s natural defenses and help him use energy more efficiently.

Natural Ingredients: Prepared with natural ingredients, the Purina Cat Chow product range stands out for its unique flavour.

Without artificial additives: The Purina Cat Chow recipe has been carefully formulated without the addition of artificial colors, preservatives and flavors.