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Pti Fipet Plus Topical Spot-on For Small Dogs up to 10Kg 1.3ml

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• Effective Material:
Fipronil, amitraz, and 5 herbal ingredients.

• It is used: to get rid of and prevent external insects.

• Efficient against:
Fleas: It kills fleas within 24-48 hours
Ticks: kill adult insects and their larvae
Lice: lice kills the lice on the dog Within 24 hours
Mites: destroys some species

• The effect of the Fipet continues:
Protects the dog from insects for 4 weeks; Therefore, the dose is repeated regularly every month.

• Dosage: -
An ampoule placed on the dog’s spine.
It is used in puppies over 8 weeks old.
Not to be used during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

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