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Orgo Mother and Baby Dry Food For Cat Milk and Kiwi 500G

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With our hand-crafted formula and ingredients cooked to perfection, we ensure your companion gets the most nutrition in its daily meals. We have a specialised research team trained by world renowned consultants from Europe for the highest level of therapeutic and preventative nutrition.

Benefits of ORGO :-

•100% complete & balanced.

•Contains all essential minerals and vitamins.

•Enhances urinary & gastrointestinal tract health. •No artificial flavors or colors.

• Good source of dietary fibre that helps with digestion

• High levels of vitamin C.

KIWI : Improves the immune system of the baby Helps with the development of the baby’s brain..

MILK : Take care when adding Orgo food to your pet’s diet. Gradually mix it with your companion’s current food with a daily increase of 25% over the course of 4 days to avoid any symptoms of malnutrition,