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Nunbell Cat Litter - 3.8Kg

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Sanitary and Ultra Hygienic – Inhibits bacterial growth and absorbs odors, so living with your cat does not stink. Helps your cat litter tray stay hygienic.

Highly Absorbent – Strong Water Absorption, absorbs liquids and locks away moisture before odors can develop. Is long lasting.

Cleanup is easy & simple – Remove the solid feces daily for continued odor control and a clean environment. Ensures that your feline friend remains CLEAN & HEALTHY. Biodegradable – Made of silicon dioxide, decomposable. Non-toxic, non-dust and unscented non clumping cat litter

Scooper – Easy to use: The scoop surface is enough, it is more convenient to filter cat litter, saving more time for your life. Cleaning: hollow design, clean the cat litter, gently shake to complete the cleaning, effortless effort.Includes a waste bag, fits all generic sized waste bags