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Josera Kitten 400g / 2 kg

Josera Kitten 400g / 2 kg

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Especially during growth or pregnancy and suckling, an optimal nutrient supply is essential. JOSERA Kitten is a high-energy, easily digestible and particularly tasty feed for growing cats.
Excellent for the first year of your cat's life and during pregnancy and lactation
With plenty of energy and protein as well as valuable salmon oil for the special requirements in the most important phases of life
Easy digestible
Contains dietary fibre to help prevent hairball formation
Complete feed for pregnant, nursing and growing cats
Product Benefits
The premium quality and the gentle processing of the selected raw materials guarantee high digestibility and offer the optimal light diet even for cats with a sensitive digestive system.
Dietetic fibres support the transport of the swallowed hair through the digestive tract and can thus reduce the formation of hairballs.
Shiny and silky fur as well as healthy skin are signs that your cat is getting the right nutrition. This is ensured by valuable fatty acids, vitamins as well as zinc and copper in an easily absorbable, organically bound form.
dried poultry protein; rice; poultry fat; greaves; beet fibre; dried salmon; dried potato; hydrolysed poultry protein; dried poultry liver; salmon oil; minerals
Feeding Recommendation:
Feeding recommendation for kittens
Age in months Kitten / kg body weight
2 50 g
3 45 g
4 40 g
5 35 g
6 30 g
7 - 12 20 - 30 g
Please keep in mind that the recommended amounts are only a rough indication and should be adapted to the individual cat's feeding needs and activity level. Always provide your cat with fresh drinking water.
Feeding recommendation for pregnant cats
Kitten/ 24 h
2 - 4 kg 40 - 90 g
4 - 6 kg 90 - 140 g
6 - 8 kg 140 - 180 g
For pregnant cats: Please note that the food requirement during pregnancy depends on the number of kittens. However, you should avoid overfeeding your cat in order to prevent birth difficulties and disturbances during lactation.
For lactating cats: If required, the food can be provided ad libitum because the cat's need depends on the number of kittens and the milk line.