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Garfield Baby powder Cat Litter 10L

LE 310.00 
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  • White Natural Bentonite Cat Litter
  • Easy to clean with excellent collection feature
  • Because it is natural, our friend’s health is safe
  • Geometric structure doesn’t create between paws and your environment remains
  • It is dust-free cat litter with its superior odor absorbing feature.
  • Perfectly clumped feces and urine are easy to remove from the litter box.
  • It prevents bacterial growth with activated carbon additive.

Description :

99.5% dust-free
100% natural and eco-friendly
Super clumping
Excellent odor control
Creates easy-to-remove clumps
Extremely absorbent
Keeps the litter box dry
Highly efficient
Made of the highest quality white natural bentonite


Application :

Fill the litter box to a height of approx. 7 cm.
Remove clumps and solid feces.
Do not dispose of litter down the toilet.
Fill the gravel to a height of 7 cm.

Made in Turkey