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Dougez two-tie pet backpaock

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Now you can carry fur babies, big or small, with a backpack that magically compartmentalises to accommodate your needs.

Perfect for walks, hikes, camping trips, and everyday car travel, this super comfortable double-decker pet carrier will accommodate a couple fo cats, a small to medium dog or even two dogs, as well as your extra bits and pieces!

A revolutionary, all-in-one pet backpack that doubles as a car seat, this Ibiyaya exclusive double-decker backpack makes traveling with one or two pets easier than ever. If strollers or multiple pet carriers aren’t your style, the Two-Tier Pet Backpack offers pet parents a convenient and comfortable hands-free pet carrier that’s unique and versatile for a variety of purposes and situations. Made with durable, water-repellant, and tear-resistant fabric material, this pet backpack carrier is designed for long-lasting use and can withstand outdoor elements. Each compartment has a safety lead inside to keep your pet from jumping out of the bag.

A Double-Decker Bus Ride for Your Pets
Two small to medium-sized animal companions can fit into this backpack, and the bag is divided with top and bottom sections to give each pet plenty of room to lie down and get comfy. What’s neat about this backpack is that you can remove the middle divider that separates both top and bottom compartments and create a single compartment that’s longer and larger to accommodate one pet that needs more room.

Both the front mesh windows and tops of each compartment unzip to allow your pet to get in or out easily. For carrying two pets, be sure to get the bottom-bunk pet inside first if you’re using the top for access as you’ll need to close the top first before the top-bunk pet can get inside the backpack; however, both pets can go inside in any order if using the front windows.

From Backpack to Pet Booster Seat
To transform this backpack into a car seat, simply slip the seatbelt through the two loops on the back of the bag to secure it to the seat. Now you have a 2-in-1 pet carrier that’s safe to use even as a car seat for more than one pet.

Easy, Breezy Ventilation
Ventilation holes and mesh front windows are integrated to ensure that plenty of fresh air seeps through the backpack to help your pet relax while also venting out the bag to prevent built-up odours and providing visibility for your pet to check out their surroundings. Not only does this backpack have ventilation for your pet, but the cushioned back support is made of breathable and heat-evaporating material for comfortable all-day wear for you. The top double-flap has a mesh layer as well for more ventilation for your pet, and both layers roll up and can be tied with the attached toggle ties to keep them in place.

When you want to open up the mesh windows to let your pet outside or give them more visibility, all you need to do is unzip and roll up the mesh material to tie it with the toggle tie so that it stays in place.

Ergonomically Designed with Smart Details for Pet Parents
If you’ve ever had to carry a backpack full of heavy books, wearing a backpack with a pet(s) inside might sound like daunting work that includes shoulder and back pain. But Ibiyaya’s got you covered with their Two-Tier Backpack by providing backpack wearers maximum comfort and support. The shoulder strap system features padded straps with adjustable load lifter straps at the top and adjustable lower straps to optimise the fit and comfort of the backpack.

With a sternum strap and hip belt, this backpack distributes weight perfectly so that your shoulders and back don’t do all the work! The sternum strap has a hanging loop to hang your keys, portable hand sanitizer, nametag or any other miscellaneous items you can clip to your bag. The base of the backpack is carefully constructed to help support your spine and prevent strain.

To keep the pet carrier safe from scuffs and scratches, the raised rubber feet at the bottom of the bag provides more protection to make it last longer and stay in mint condition. The handles on the sides and top of the backpack makes it easy to carry and maneuver.

Compact Organisation and Extra Storage Space
Though this pet backpack boasts a two-tiered design, it’s not too bulky or too large. Each piece and detail has a function and provides “just enough” for purposeful use. Ibiyaya designed the Pet Backpack & Car Seat to store pet essentials such as a collapsible water and food bowl, pet treats, pet toys, etc., as well as any of your own necessities, such as snacks, wallet, keys, phone, and more so that you have a one-bag storage space for all items.

This pet backpack carrier has three side pockets with different designs. One pocket is a large pouch with a Velcro closure flap for coverage, and the other side has a large top slip pocket and a bottom 2-slot slip pocket that can hold your phone, water bottles, etc. If you’re carrying only one pet and they can fit inside the top compartment, you can use the other compartment to store larger items, such as blankets, a packed lunch, and pet toys. For example, if you’re going to the beach or going on a picnic and want to take your pet with you, the other compartment can give you more storage space.


  • Features two separate compartments to hold one to two small-sized pets, store clothing and essentials, or fit one larger pet for hands-free walking.
  • Made with premium durable, lightweight, and washable cross-weave fabric with mesh windows for ventilation.
  • Comes with a sternum strap with external hanging loop, adjustable padded hip belt, anatomically-shaped shoulder straps with load lifters, and ergonomic inner padding for maximum comfort and support.
  • Can be turned into car booster seats by simply inserting seat belt through the loops to keep pets safe when driving to the vet.

Recommended Weight Limit: 12kg; (Upper 6kg, Lower 6kg)
Product Net Weight: 2.5kg
Product size: L39 W29 H56 (cm)
Individual Cabin Spaces:
Upper Cabin Size- L39 W29 H28 (cm)
Lower Cabin Size -L39 W29 H28 (cm)
Material: Polyester, PE
Accessories: Safety tether x 2 / Removable pad x 2

Maintenance & Care Instructions: Spot cleaning , handwash. Cold. Do not expose to sun directly. Dry flat in shade.

Enjoy the convenience of hands-free pet transportation with the Ibiyaya Two-Tier Pet Backpack & Car Seat!