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Trixie Premio Carpaccio Dog Treats with Duck and Fish 40 gr

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  • TRIXIE dog Treats PREMIO Carpaccio with Duck & FishEnhance your feline friend’s snacking experience with TRIXIE dog Treats PREMIO Carpaccio featuring a delectable blend of duck and fish. Crafted with care and quality ingredients, these treats are designed to provide a lip-smacking taste and numerous health benefits for your beloved dog

    Indulge your furry companion with the irresistible flavors of tender duck and fish, expertly combined to create a delightful culinary experience. The carpaccio-style thin slices are not only visually appealing but also offer a unique texture that dogs  love. Watch as your cat eagerly devours these treats, savoring every bite.

    TRIXIE dog Treats PREMIO Carpaccio with Duck & Fish are more than just a delicious snack. They are thoughtfully formulated to provide essential nutrients and support your cat’s overall well-being. The inclusion of real duck and fish contributes to a protein-rich diet, promoting strong muscles and maintaining a healthy weight.

    Not only are these treats satisfying and nutritious, but they also serve as a fantastic tool for bonding with your furry companion. Use them for training sessions, reward-based interactions, or simply to show your cat some extra love and attention. The delicious aroma and taste of TRIXIE dog Treats PREMIO Carpaccio with Duck & Fish will surely make your cat come running whenever they hear the treat bag rustle.

    Brand : Trixie

    Type : Treats In sticks

    Weight : 40gm

    Target Breed : All dogs Breeds

    flavor : Duck and  Fish

    Made in Germany