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Stefanplast - Gulliver 7 IATA

Stefanplast - Gulliver 7 IATA

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Carrier for large dogs, built according to IATA regulations; equipped with plastic upper shell. Weight: 10.389 kg / 22.9 lbs

Practical pet carrier equipped with anti-push elements in the metal grille of the door on the rotation side, a lateral bolt on the closing side and a safety fixing kit, to allow the complete safe transport of your pet. Built according to IATA regulations. The 4-wheel set completes the product.
NB Purchase the pet carrier in advance and make sure that your pet gets used to it gradually before using it for the trip.

DIM. INT: cm 94x65x65h
37 "x25.6" x25.6 "h
DIM. EST: cm 102x72x76h
40.16" x28.35 "x29.92" h