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Simparica Trio 20 to 40kg one tablet

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For dogs weighing from 20 to 40 kg

All in one monthly chewable
Simparica Trio is the first and only chewable tablet that combines Internal and external parasite control to offer combined protection against:
Intestinal worms
Easy Comprehensive protection: Just one Simparica Trio chewable does the job of two parasiticides in a single chewable as it act as Dewormer and Anti tick & fleas in one chew
Dewormer : Treating and protecting against various stages of hook and round worms that has zoonotic effect protecting your dog and your family with no need for repeating doses like other products
Broad spectrum anti-tick and fleas: The only chewable tablet that is claimed for:
Treatment of 4 common types of ticks including brown dog tick ( 89% of ticks in Egypt) rapidly withing hours.
Treatment of 2 common types of fleas rapidly starting from 4 hours which helps in controlling of tape worms.
Excellent safety profile: can be used from 8 weeks of age and 1.25 kg body weight with outstanding safety profile compared high safety margin up to 5 times for 7 months with no reported side effects on any of body parameters measured.
Easy administration:
Highly palatable liver-flavored chewable: well accepted: >90% of dogs voluntarily consumed tablets
Can be given with or without food without affecting the product efficacy like other products
Economic :Simparica Trio offers is apiece of mind for you and your dog offering full premium protection against internal and external parasite in an easy to administer chew with an affordable price.