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Royal Canin Mini Indoor - Complete Small Adult Dogs Dry Food (1.5 KG)

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Complete feed for dogs - for adult small breed dogs (up to 10 kg) living mainly indoors - over 10 months old.
Royal Canin Mini Indoor Benefits:
Digestive health & stool quality
Helps support digestive health and reduce fecal smell and volume thanks to highly digestible proteins (L.I.P.), appropriate fiber content, and very high-quality carbohydrate sources.
Ideal body condition
Helps maintain ideal body condition thanks to an adapted calorie content that meets the reduced energy needs of small breed dogs living mainly indoors. This formula contains L-carnitine.
Coat condition
This formula contains nutrients that help support healthy skin and coat. Enriched with EPA-DHA.
More About Royal Canin Mini Indoor:
Ensuring your dog gets the nutrients it needs is essential because the nutritional support your dog receives significantly contributes to maintaining optimal health.
Royal Canin Mini Indoor Adult is suitable for small, indoor dogs over 10 months old that weigh up to 10kg. This food is specially formulated with all the nutritional needs of your small, indoor dog in mind.
Royal Canin Mini Indoor Adult contains highly digestible proteins (L.I.P.) and appropriate fiber content to align with your small dog's nutritional needs.
These nutrients contribute to supporting and maintaining your dog's digestive health, as well as reducing the volume and odor of its stools.
Royal Canin Mini Indoor Adult contains L-Carnitine, a nutrient that transports fatty acids and is involved in the production of energy. In addition, the specially adapted calorie content helps to maintain your dog's ideal body weight.
Royal Canin Mini Indoor Adult's formula is also enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids that help to support the health of your dog's skin and coat.
Feeding Guide
Dog Weight Low activity - Normal - Hight activity -
- (g) cup (g) cup (g) cup
2 kg 42 3/8 49 4/8 56 5/8
3 kg 57 5/8 66 5/8 75 6/8
4 kg 71 6/8 82 7/8 93 1
5 kg 84 7/8 97 1 110 1+1/8
6 kg 96 1 111 1+1/8 127 1+2/8
7 kg 108 1+1/8 125 1+2/8 142 1+4/8
8 kg 119 1+2/8 138 1+3/8 157 1+5/8
9 kg 130 1+3/8 151 1+4/8 172 1+6/8
10 kg 141 1+3/8 163 1+5/8 186 1+7/8