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Primigo Multivitamin A–Z Plus Feline Palatable Paste For Cats

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Dose:1ml/5kg body weight Once daily.

Nutrition Facts
Each Tablet contains
Vitamin A 550 iu
Vitamin D3 45 iu
Vitamin E 6.5 mg
Vitamin B1 900 ug
Vitamin B2 650 ug
Vitamin B3 10 mg
Vitamin B5 1 mg
Vitamin B6 650 ug
Vitamin B12 3.5 ug
Folic acid 130 ug
Blotin 10 ug
Vitamin C 18 mg
L.Carnitine 50 mg
L-taurine 100 mg
Arginine 7.5 mg
L. Histidine 30 mg
L. Isoleucine 7.5 mg
L. Leucine 7.5 mg
LLysine 37.5 mg
DL. Methionine 18.75 mg
L.Phenylalanine 7.5 mg
L. Threonine 45 mg
L.Tryptophan 48.75 mg
LVallre 7.5 mg
Magnesium 10 mg
Manganese 1.25 mg
Zinc 11.6 mg
Iron 15 mg
Copper 800 ug
Selenium 50ug
lodine 100 ug
Cobalt 50 ug

-This product is not a feed substitute, -Can be mixed with food or given directly.

Proudly Made in Egypt