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Multivitamin & Supplements
Meat meal - Fish meal - Bone meal - Corn gluten - Soya bean - Vitamins - Minerals - Sodium bi carbonate - Mono Calcium Phosphate – Essential Amino-acids - Trace elements - Sodium Vit A-Vit D-3Vit E-Vit K-3Vit B1 (Thiamine)-Vit B2 (Riboflavin)-Vit B6550 (Pyridoxine)-Vit B-12Vit C-Folic Acid (B9)-BiotinPantothenic AcidD.L. Methionine-L. Lysine-L. Threonine-Zink sulphate-Copper Sulphate-Iron sulphate-Cobalt Sulphate-IodineSelenium-Dextrose anhydrous Crude Protein - %50Crude Fat
 Maintenance of dog’s general health.  Maintenance during pregnancy and lactation.  Promotes growth and maintenance of bone and teeth in puppies.  Promotes growth and development of nervous system in puppies.  Prevents stresses and support during diseases.  Recover health after illnesses and operations.  Recover health of weak and old aged dogs.  Improves skin and gives shiny coat.  Support a healthy immune system and circulatory functions.  Protect dogs from environmental toxins