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Piper platinum pure turkey with potatoes 400 g - Wet Dog Food

Piper platinum pure turkey with potatoes 400 g - Wet Dog Food

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turkey 58% (meat, hearts, liver), turkey broth, potatoes 7%, minerals. protein - 10%, crude oils and fats - 7%, crude ash -2.5%, crude fiber - 0.5%, moisture - 78%.Vitamin D3 - 240 IU, Vitamin E - 20 mg, E6 / Zinc - 13 mg.
“Piper wet food, Platinum Pure - Turkey with Potatoes: The n-6 acid content in turkey fat is very high, which contributes to thebeautiful appearance of the hair and the normal function of the skin. Potatoes contained in food can stimulate the normal functioningof the gastrointestinal tract. Turkey meat and products are important sources of protein, with a high digestibility coefficient, and theiramino acid composition is 90% in line with the reference protein; it is a particularly valuable source of lysine and tryptophan, lysine, andtryptophan. Acid is an amino acid that is lacking in wet foods made from other types of meat. These products also provide fats made upof various fatty acids. The presence of n-6 fatty acids in turkey fat makes the PIPER PURE turkey and potato an important food inthe dog's daily diet, the purpose is to maintain the correct functioning of the skin and the hair appearance.
Advantages of Piper Pure wet food for adult dogs:Without gluten.Recommended for allergic dogs.Contains unsaturated fatty acids.Free of synthetic flavors, flavor enhancers, and colorants.Developed in accordance with modern nutritional recommendations for animals.”