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Omni Guard Cats & Dogs Flea & Tick Spray 125ml

Omni Guard Cats & Dogs Flea & Tick Spray 125ml

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Keep your dog happy and comfy at all times with the Omni Guard Cats and Dogs Flea and Tick Spray. It is specially formulated to effectively manage tick, fleas, and lice infestations among dogs and cats. It is gentle on the skin and their coat to ensure safe and reliable use.
Safe and Effective Formulation
The Omni Guard pet's flea and tick spray makes for an ideal grab to clear off your dog's or cat's coat without causing scaling and skin damage. It lasts up to 30 days to offer added convenience.
Portable Design
The Omni Guard flea and tick spray can be applied directly on their coat to soothe irritations. In addition, this formulation comes enclosed in a spray bottle design to allow for easy portability and even application.