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Nunbell Pet Nail Clipper

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Nail trimming should be a regular part of your cat’s grooming. Make trimming your cat’s nails easier and safer at home with nunbell dog and cat nail clipper. Scissors-like design. Durable, long lasting. Excellent stainless steel blades for precise, clean and fast cut. Soft comfort rubberized big handle gives you a firm precision grip. Tips: 1, ideal for small breeds: Kittens, cats, rabbits, puppy, chinchilla, guinea pig, hamster, bird and more. 2, the angle of the distance between nail clippers and toenail to also want at least upcountry 45 degrees of above. 3, if the nails are long or you’re unfamiliar with their nails, only trim the very tip. 4, don’t cut too short, or you may hurt your pet.