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Leonardo – Adult ( Chicken ) dry food for cats

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  • Recommended use: This cat food is ideal for the needs of adult cats from the age of one year. With a mixed feeding, about 25 g dry food corresponds to the nutritional value of 100 g wet food.
  • 30% fresh duck. The fresher the meat is during processing, the lower the nutrient losses - and the better the taste experience for your cat! Fresh meat contains important building blocks for the construction and conversion of muscles, organs, tendons and connective tissue.
  • Strengthens the defences. By adding beer yeast in the formula, the cat is supplied with beta-glucans that naturally strengthen the defences.
  • Complete food for all breeds. All ingredients and processing processes used are tailored to the needs of adult cats of all breeds, so that exact compliance with nutrient, trace elements, vitamin and mineral requirements is ensured.
  • Quality promise: This product is manufactured in Germany to high quality standards. All meat products used come from food grade animals. No animal testing is carried out. The products are made without artificial colours, flavours and preservatives as well as soy.