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keyf Creamy Treats Liver Flavor 4 pcs

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Delicious cat snacks from Truly – a creamy treat. Package includes 5 tube bags with cream snack
You can push the cream out and get it on the cat’s food, let the cat lick the tube or use it with different toys – rub a little on your finger and interact with the cat.



fish, meat, chicken,malte flavor, liver, taurine, tea polyphenol, Vitamins (A, B2, B3, B5, D3, E)

 Analytical Components: 

Crude Protein 6.5%

crude fats 0.1%

crude fiber 1%

crude ash 2%

moisture 90%

 Storage :

It is recommended to serve your cat fresh between meals between 6-30C in a dry place.

Notes :-

  • Date stamped on the packet is the manufacturing date (Not expiration date).
  • Expired date: 24 Months (2Years)
  • Liquid form that good for digestion
  • Snacks with protein & fiber nutrients
  • Easy to Feed, Keep, Carry to outdoor
  • Suitable for cat 3 months old and above
  • Import from China, most label on packaging are stated in mandarin