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Josera Sensi Adult 15 kg

Josera Sensi Adult 15 kg

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High-quality food for our sensitive athletes. This digestion-regulating yet meaty recipe ensures sufficient energy for increased activity and sport. The highly digestible ingredients also reduce the amount of feces.
Digestive regulating fibre complex for active and
or sensitive dogs
Valuable antioxidants support active metabolic tissue and promote vitality
With L-carnitine and Taurine to support cardiovascular functions
A great follow-on food to JOSERA SensiJunior thanks to its tailored recipe
Complete feed for adult dogs
Packaging size: 15kg
rice; dried poultry protein (poultry 13.0 %, duck 9.0 %); poultry fat; potato protein; dried salmon; hydrolysed poultry protein; beet fibre; plant fibre; carob meal; minerals; yeast; ground chicory root (natural source of inulin); psyllium husks; dried meat from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus);
Product benefits
Special dietary fibre and easily digestible ingredients regulate the digestion and reduce the volume of excretions.
Valuable antioxidants can help prevent the influence of free radicals generated due to physical activity. L-carnitine encourages the metabolism of fat, thus making energy more easily accessible for the body.
A shiny coat and healthy skin are signs of optimal nutrition for your dog. This is the result of valuable fatty acids, vitamins, as well as zinc and copper in an easy to absorb form in an organic compound.
Feeding Recommendation:
inactive/older normally active active
5 kg 45 g 65 g 80 g
10 kg 75 g 100 g 130 g
20 kg 125 g 175 g 220 g
30 kg 175 g 235 g 295 g
40 kg 215 g 295 g 375 g
60 kg 290 g 400 g 505 g
80 kg 365 g 495 g 630 g
Please note that the indicated quantities are only guideline values ??and must be adapted to the feeding condition of your animal as well as its activity. Always provide your pet with fresh drinking water