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Josera Festival 15KG

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A unique menu for our discerning connoisseurs: This food can be fed dry or moist. Just add water to the gravy powder to transform this crunchy kibble into a special taste sensation!
This variety is sure to win over even the fussiest pet. Salmon adds a tasty finishing touch to the exclusive recipe.
With tasty gravy powder for added flavour
Valuable fatty acids promote a healthy appearance and a shiny coat
Supplies active and sporting dogs with plenty of energy
Supports bone formation and joints
Complete feed for adult dogs
Packaging size: 15kg
Product Benefits
This crunchy kibble is coated with a tasty gravy powder - a unique pleasure for picky dogs since this food can be eaten semimoist or dry.
Shiny and silky fur and healthy skin are signs of optimal nutrition for your cat. This is the result of valuable fatty acids, vitamins, as well as zinc and copper in an easy to absorb form in an organic compound.
A well-balanced calcium phosphorus ratio, vitamin C, as well as manganese and copper, which are easy to absorb, support a strong bone structure and healthy joints