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Josera Culinesse Cat 2 kg

Josera Culinesse Cat 2 kg

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Complete feed for adult cats.
JOSERA Culinesse with refined salmon is just the thing for discerning cats. The balanced formula makes JOSERA Culinesse easy to digest and particularly tasty.
With delicious salmon for your gourmet cat
The moderate fat content makes JOSERA Culinesse ideal for indoor and outdoor cats
Valuable fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements for healthy skin and a shiny coat
Encourages a pH-value of 6.0-6.5 to reduce the risk of urinary stone formation

Composition: poultry protein (dried); rice; maize; greaves; poultry fat; sugarbeetpulp; salmon meal 6%; poultry protein (hydrolysed), maize protein; poultry liver (dried), minerals;

Analytical constituents
Protein 31.0 %
Fat content 13.0 %