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Hello Kitty White Bentonite Clumping Cat Litter Marseille Soap 20 L

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The original clumping cat litter 100% Natural Wyoming Bentonite for even stronger clumps. Better Way Cedar Scent includes REAL Western Cedar chips for natural odor control. All Better Way Cat Litters include Sanel a natural cat attractant made from tree resin. Sanel helps train kittens to use the litter box and helps retrain older cats that have begun refusing to use the litter box.

  1. Natural Bentonite Cat Litter
  2. Absorbes odor
  3. Easy to clean with excellent collection feature
  4. Because it is natural, our friend’s health is safe
  5. Geometric structure doesn’t create between paws and your environment remains


1.Fill clean litter tray with approximately 7-10cm of Emily Pet Clumping Litter for Cats&Kittens.

2.Regularly remove clumps and solid waste to maintain freshness.For more than one cat ,shorten usage cycle rather than filling the tray with more litter than recommended. CHANGING TO A NEW LITTER? 1.Pour Emily Pet Clumping Litter for Cats&Kittens into the bottom of a clean litter tray,filling to about half what you would normally use. 2.Fill the rest of your litter tray to its normal level with your usual litter,mixing as you add.

3.Be sure to allow your cat time to adjust(approx.1 week)

4.Once your cat has adjusted,empty tray completely and refill with benty sandy clumping for Cats&Kittens.