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Happy Dog Profi-Line - For Adult Dogs - High Energy 20kg

Happy Dog Profi-Line - For Adult Dogs - High Energy 20kg

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  • The premium Happy Dog Profi-Line High Energy food with beef is intended especially for adult dogs with an extra high load and the need for increased nutrients. Ideal food for dogs engaged in endurance mushing, crisscross, dog trekking, pulling and other sports or work activities with increased physical activity.  High Energy dog food contains a high concentration of nutrients for very active dogs. Happy Dog HIGH ENERGY food (protein 30%, fat 20%) is also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches . The 30/20 formula can also be used as a so-called anti-stress food for dogs during long transports. It contains all the necessary mineral, trace and vitamin substances in such an amount as to suit even dogs under high load.

    Advantages of Happy Dog Profi-Line High Energy:

    • meat mix – hearty beef, delicious poultry and fish
    • ideal food for working and sports dogs in high physical load (also mental – eg, during long transport)
    • also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches
    • without artificial preservatives and dyes
    • without soy
    • large breeding package (economically advantageous packaging)
    • for sport dogs – mushing, caniscross, pulling, agility, etc.
    • for working dogs – canistherapy, dogs working at the IRS (olfactory works)
    • made in Germany (strictest quality control)

    Designed for: adult working and sports dogs in heavy physical activity


    Poultry protein **, wheat flour, poultry fat, wheat, corn, beef meat meal, haemoglobin **, fish meal, sugar beet pulp * (desugared), apple pulp *, sodium chloride. (** dried, partially hydrolysed / * dried).

    Analytical components:
    Crude protein 30.0%; crude fat 20.0%; crude fiber 3.0%; coarse ash 7.0%; calcium 1.6%; phosphorus 0.95%; sodium 0.35%, potassium 0.45%.

    Vitamins / kg: vitamin A 10,250 IU; Vitamin D3 1,000 IU; vitamin E 45 mg; vitamin B1 3 mg; vitamin B2 6 mg; vitamin B6 2.5 mg; vitamin B12 45 µg; biotin 250 µg; calcium pantothenate 7.5 mg; niacin 30 mg. Trace elements / kg: iron 100 mg; copper 10 mg; zinc 80 mg; manganese 10 mg; iodine 1.25 mg; selenium 0.1 mg, cobalt 0.75 mg. Amino acids: linoleic acid 2.3%. Antioxidants: strong natural extracts with a high content of vitamin E.

    Digestible energy:
    1,790 KJ / 100g; 4,280 Kcal / kg.