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Happy Dog Profi-Line - For Adult Dogs - Gold 20kg

Happy Dog Profi-Line - For Adult Dogs - Gold 20kg

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  • Happy Dog Profi croquet 34/24 Race 20 kg -  is a complete food for adult dogs with enormously increased need for nutrients. The energy-richest food croquettes 34-24 RACE provides dogs in extremely high physical exertion quick and easily digestible protein for building rapid recovery of blood and muscle proteins and muscle growth. High concentration of nutrients already provides a small amount of food sufficient and fast supply of protein and fats and digestive organs burdens to a minimum. Energy is concentrated in a hearty beef tallow and covers the greatly increased use of dogs during extreme physical activity, for example. Mushing, caniscross, agilitty, pulling, etc. Tallow is supplemented by "light" poultry and fish oil, which is a ready source of energy consumed. Includes optimized amounts and ratios of all the required minerals, trace elements and vitamins.


Ingredients:  Beef greaves, maize flour, beef fat, rice flour, poultry meat meal, poultry fat, dried hemoglobin, fish meal, sugar beet pulp, poultry liver hydrolyzate, di-calcium phosphate, sodium chloride.