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Happy Dog Baby Original - Dry dog food for puppies (4kg/10kg)

Happy Dog Baby Original - Dry dog food for puppies (4kg/10kg)

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Only the best for your young dog! This Happy Dog Supreme Young Baby Original has been designed for growing medium and large breed puppies, offering optimum nutrition. It contains plenty of essential nutrients that are key in supporting healthy development. Five different high-quality protein sources offers a broad spectrum of amino acids. The recipe is grain-free and ideal for sensitive dogs.

Happy Dog Supreme Young Baby Original has been formulated to support complete healthy development and wellbeing in puppies. It contains a high-quality mix of natural products such as apples, artichoke, selected herbs and plants, linseeds and seaweed that helps to benefit your dog's whole body. The kibble is in an attractive heart shape with a hole in the middle, with its shape and surface making it particularly easy to chew and digest. This allows your puppy to take in all the nutrients from this Happy Dog Supreme Young Baby Original, as well as helping to ensure the food is better digested.

Happy Dog Supreme Young Baby Original at a glance:

  • Premium complete food medium/large breed puppies aged 4 weeks to 6 months
  • Balanced nutrient profile: specially tailored to the growth phase, promoting optimal development
  • Versatile protein supply: contains 5 different protein sources with a valuable amino acid range
  • 80% animal protein: from poultry, lamb, beef, fish & egg
  • Heart-shaped kibble: particularly easy to chew and digest
  • Gluten-free: also suitable for sensitive puppies with intolerances
  • Happy Dog Natural Life Concept:
    • Apple: with pectin-containing fibre for good digestion
    • Linseeds: rich in omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids
    • Trace elements: can support natural metabolic function
    • Selected herbs: with valuable essential oils
    • Green-lipped New Zealand mussels: contain glucosamine, a natural component of joints
  • With seaweed: rich in iodine, iron and vitamins
  • Contains Yucca schidigera: can help to reduce stool odour
  • Top quality: from predominantly local farms
  • Free from artificial colours, aromas, preservatives, GMOs and animal testing
  • Made in Germany: produced by a Bavarian family-run company under strict quality control