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Groovy Biscuit Treats for Dogs 250 gr

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* Groovy Biscuits Mix is a complementary food.
* All dogs need to chew dry biscuits to help them have strong,healthy teeth.
* At the end of a run or after exercise Groovy biscuits are the correct reward for your dog.
* Sel-Plex Source of selenium.Organic selenium supports healthy antioxidant status for all phases of life.
* with vitamins and Omega 3&6.

Cereals,Derivatives of vegetable origin,Sugars,Oils and fats,Minerals,Yeast.

Analytical Constituents
protein 12%
oils and fats 7%
fibre 1.9%

Feeding Recommendation
Small dogs <10kg up to 5 biscuits per day Medium-sized dogs 10-30kg up to 10 biscuits per day Big 30kg+ up to 15 biscuits per day