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Garden Mix Salmon Dog Award 75 gm

LE 200.00 
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The seller determines the sales price of the product you have examined. Use is for dogs over 2 months old. It is not suitable for human consumption. Shelf life / expiration date: 24 months from date of production Analysis values ​​% Crude Protein (min) 30.0% Crude Fat (max) 13.0% Crude Ash (max) 5.0% Crude Fiber (max) 1.0% Moisture (max) 18.0% Formulation USE: You can give as many treats as you want for dogs. It can be given as a reward for training. STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at room temperature in a dry place. Maximum 20 units of this product can be ordered. reserves the right to cancel orders over 20 units. There are less than 5 items in stock to be sold at the campaign price. A product can be sold by more than one seller. The sellers of the products offered for sale by more than one seller are listed according to the price they set for the product, seller scores, delivery status, promotions on the products, whether the shipping is free or not, whether the products can be delivered with fast delivery, and the stock and category information of the products.