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Fokker Dog Acti-Fit L (2.5kg - 13kg)

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Dog Acti-Fit

Fokker Acti-Fit is high-premium food for adult dogs with increased energy requirements. This food is specially formulated for high-energy dogs that lead an active life. Fokker Acti-Fit is also suitable for nervous dogs or dogs that need to recover their health after a period of nursing or illness. This product contains a high percentage of chicken, as well as Norwegian salmon oil to support healthy skin and maintain a shiny coat. Even fussy dogs will find this product irresistible. During a period of reduced activity (rest period), we recommend to switch to a less energy-dense Fokker food.

Fokker Acti-Fit is available in 2.5 kg and 13 kg


Dried chicken (59% chicken dehydrated) corn, rice (14%) poultry fat, dried beet pulp, dried fish, linseed, dried carob, hydrolyzed chicken liver, brewer's yeast, minerals, salmon oil (1%), lecithin, egg powder, inulin (source of FOS ), chondroitin, glucosamine, L-carnitine and taurine.

Feeding instructions
For the daily amount of Fokker Acti-Fit: consult the nutritional table. The quantities to be given are guidelines, which partly depend on the physical condition, environment and effort of your dog. Make sure that there is always enough fresh drinking water available.