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Dogness Reflective Leash

Dogness Reflective Leash

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☑ Patented AlumiClip - strong, lightweight, easy to use
☑ High Density Nylon - durable & color-fast
☑ Reflective & Glow - maximized visibility in the dark
☑ Elastic Band - minimize sudden pulling force
☑ Accessories D-ring - for walking accessories such as waste bags
Reasons you'll love Everyday
Secure Connection Clip
Benefit from the patented AlumiClip, this dog leash provides a strong connection to the collar or harness.
Without using a standard spring clip that gets weaken over time, this carabiner clip is secured with a quick flip gate that allows an instant and safe hook on.
Made with aluminum alloy, it's also durable and lightweight that won't become a burden on your dog.
“I appreciate the unique clip - makes it easier to quickly attach the leash to my excited pup.“ - Katie V. AU
Shock Minimizing Handle
This dual-handle dog leash offers more control over your dogs. Use the second handle to keep them close in tight situations.
It's made of an elastic band that's also designed to eliminate the effect of sudden pulling from your dog.
The stretchy part could lessen the shocking impact on your body, protecting both of you and your dog.
“I have a 3yr old 70lb pitbull, totally lovable but strong. So we need a leash that is comfortable on our hands and strong enough to hold him. This leash did both.“ - David E. USA
Visible for Ultimate Safety
Not only the leash reflects in low-light condition, but it also glows.
The white and gray triangular arrows will become visible when they catch light in the dark.
Whether on an early morning walk or a late-night run, your pups will be protected thanks to the maximized visibility.
“The reflective stickers are big pluses, visibility is increased especially when walking her at night. - Jessie S. UK
Size Width Length Min. Tensile Strength
XS/S 0.5 in / 1.3 cm 5 ft / 152 cm 154 lbs / 70 kg
M/L 0.8 in / 2 cm 5 ft / 152 cm 555 lbs / 252 kg
XL 1 in / 2.5 cm 5 ft / 152 cm 661 lbs / 300 kg