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champ regular extra 20kg

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Ruw eiwit 26%, vitamine A (E672) 15.000 IE/kg, ruw vet 16% vitamine D3 (E671) 1.400 IE/kg, ruw as 7,5%, vitamin E 130 mg/kg, ruwe celstof 2,5%, vocht 9,5%, koper (E4) 10 mg/kg, ijzer (E1) 85 mg/kg, zink (E6) 80 mg/kg, mangaan (E5) 20 mg/kg, selenium (E8) 0,1 mg /kg, sodium (E2) 0.8 mg/kg. calcium 1.5%, lecithin 5 g/kg, phosphorous 1.0%, natrium 3 g/kg, johannesbrood 4%, omega 3 in 6 in the best optimal ratio of 5:1. Geëxpandeerde brok, geconserver met de in de EG toegestane anti-oxidanten (E320/E321). Bevat geen kleur en smaakstoffen.