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Ambiance Stick Treats with Tuna and Shrimp for Adult Cats 3 x 5 gr

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Tuna and Shrimp Tasty Sticks, the purrrfect treat to have before my midday nap. Ambiance perfect to feed at any time as a tasty snack or treat. Gently cooked to produce a delicious, moist, meaty treat your cat or kitten will adore! Each Tasty Stick is individually wrapped for freshness to open, simply tear open from the top of the pack.

Ingredients :-

Mean And Meat Products, Fish And Fishery Products ( Tuna and Shrimp 10% ), Plant By Products, Vitamin And Mineral Premix, Eu Approved Antioxidants.

Recommended Daily Feeding Amount :-

Feeds as a training treat or reward to your adult cat, feed 1 – 2 treat for adult cat ( Daily ).

Storage Conditions And Shelf Life :-

Store the package closed in a cool and dry place. it’s recommended to use until the expiry date. see the package for expiry date and batch number.

Analytical constituents :-

Protein : 32%  –  Fat : 20%  –  Fiber : 1.5%  –  Ash : 10%  –  Moisture : 28%


Always provide adequate fresh and clean water for your cat.

Not For Human Consumptions.