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Ambiance Lamb Stick Cat Treat Stick 3x5g

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It`s a treat your cat can`t resist. Contains real lamb. Does not contain artificial flavoring. Composition: Meat and meat by-products (10% Lamb), Minerals, Vegetable by-products, Animal fats, EU approved antioxidants. Analysis Values: Crude Protein 32%, Crude Fat 20%, Fiber 1.5%, Crude Ash 10%, Moisture 28% Additives (in 1 Kg): Vitamin D3 500 IU, Vitamin E 5 mg Nutritional Suggestions: You can give 1-3 pieces a day depending on your cat`s breed and weight. Always have fresh water with you. It is not suitable to be given to cats younger than 3 months. It`s for cats only. Storage Conditions: Store in a dry and cool place.