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Arion Growth Kitten 2 kg

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A-Vitamin E672 (IE/kg) 23,000
D3-Vitamin E671 (IE/kg) 1,850
Vitamin E (mg/kg)
K-3Vitamin (mg/kg)
Vitamin B1 (mg/kg)
Vitamin B2 (mg/kg)
Vitamin B5 (mg/kg)
Vitamin B6 (mg/kg)
Vitamin PP (mg/kg)
Vitamin B12 (mg/kg)
Vitamin H (mg/kg)
Folic acid (mg/kg)
Vitamin C (mg/kg)
Choline (mg/kg) 2,000
β-Carotene (mg/kg) 0.85
β-Glucans (mg/kg) 260
Bentonite (mg/kg) 1,150
Copper chelate E4 (mg/kg)
Taurine (mg/kg) 5,000
Iron E1 (mg/kg)
Zinc chelate E6 (mg/kg)
Diet E5 (mg/kg)
Iodine E2 (mg/kg) 2.6
Selenium E8 (mg/kg) 0.28
Metabolic energy (kcal/kg) 4,000