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Purina Gourmet Cat Wet Fodd Gold Savory Cake With Tuna - 85 g

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Your cat is always looking for something new that will satisfy their passion for quality, tempt their sophisticated taste buds, and provide a delightful taste at every meal. That's why we have crafted GOURMET® Gold Savoury Cakes, a range of delicious meals to tempt every connoisseur. Our Savoury Cake with tuna combines tender pieces with tuna with a touch of delicate sauce as part of our high-quality, specially designed recipe. It offers complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats (aged 1-7 years) , as well as delighting their taste buds, no matter how discerning they are.

GOURMET® Gold Savoury Cake features delicately chopped pieces with tuna, carefully seasoned with just a hint of sauce. The recipe comes together in a delicious cake texture for your cat to savour every bite.