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PTI ImmunoMax for Dogs and Cats 100 ml

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• Ingredients: o Mannan Oligosaccharids o Beta glucan o Taurine • • Indications: 1. Enhanceimmunesystemfunction. 2. Blocks colonization of Pathogenic bacteria 3. It works directly on non-specific immunity as it increase active macrophage and neutrophiles in blood stream, so it is used before and after vaccinations & during viral and bacterial infections. 4. Anti-allergicproperties • Dosage & Administration: o Puppies & cats: 3ml oral daily. o Dogs: 10 ml oral daily. o “Shake well before use” o Once opened: close it tightly • Package: o bottle contains 100 ml of Immunomax syrup • Storage: keep in cool place at 20:30 °C. Keep out of children reach. ✓ Expiry: 36 months from production date. specific immunostimulant works direct on immuno system from natural components in case of fungal and bacterial infections oral 3 cm for cats daily 7 cm for dogs daily