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IPC Power MAX 1 kg for Dogs

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About the product Power Max is food supplement contains all essential amino acids that responsible for growth process and raise the general health condition Power max contains essential vitamins and minerals for dogs Power max contains NaCl, growth stimuli, Antioxidants Composition Vit A, Vit D3, Vit K3 , Vit B1 , Vit B2 , Vit B6 , Vit B12, Biotin , Niacin , Pantothenic acid , Folic acid , Biotin , lysin , Zn , Mg , Cu , Zinc , Selenium ,Cobalt, lysin , Threonine , Methionine . Instructions for use As Food Supplement As protein substitute >25 kg 30 gm >25 kg 100 gm <25 kg 20 gm <25 kg 50 gm Puppy 10 gm puppy 30 gm Power Max is used with dry or wet food Power Max is used for all dogs’ breeds and ages Indications: Increase your dog activity Raise health condition during pregnancy Bone and teeth growth Used after surgeries to support immune system Essential for growth process of puppies Strengthening the immune system Improve health skin and making hair shiny and glossy Improve Nervous system